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The cost $450.00 Application Fee: $25.00  Technology Fee: $35

This course, Ordination Preparation, has been labeled a six-month study, but this does not mean that you are rigidly bound to take six months to complete it.  Some may require only three to four months, others longer.  It all depends on the individual student’s inclination, ability, and the number of outside responsibilities making demands on his or her time.  However, the maximum time you are allowed in which to finish the course is six months, after which you must apply to the Distance Learning Department for an extension.  The extension fee is $25.00 for three additional months or $50.00 for six additional months.

What You Should Know About Global Ministries

From a biblical perspective, missions does not originate in humam relationships. Instead,missions begins with divine initiative. God so Loves the World He created thateven in our rebellion, He seeks toredeem and restore the lost. Not only does God Seek the unsaved, He also directs believing men and women to be involved in communicating the Gospel.

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